I am nnull(he/him). I am a multidisciplinary artist and researcher based in London, UK. I work across several disciplines, operating across the cultural, research and human rights sectors. 

My work is first and foremost therapeutic, serving as a space to unpack intergenerational trauma and intersectional struggles that I am currently facing, while attempting to help others out along the way. As a transgender migrant, much of my work is autobiographical, journaling my experiences and the broader politics at play. The aim of my work is to interrogate how inequality is systematically constructed, to affirm the experiences of those who face injustice and to promote a more equitable world by any means possible.

I work under a pseudonym to protect my identity as I face persecution in my country of origin. Click here to learn more.

This website is part portfolio and part blog. It is space where I can share my work and also post my thoughts as they are brewing.

Feel free to swim around in my brain for a little bit!